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13.08.2008 11:18

Configuring my first Linksys SRW224G4 switch

Today I got my first Linksys SRW224G4 switch (I do usually only work with Cisco but the customer looked for something cheaper and so I decided to go for Linksys, a Cisco division).
Alright, plug and play, the Cisco console cable doesn't work so you have to use their serial console cable. Now you get greeted by an ugly interface that reminds me of the good old AS/400 times, log in there and see a somewhat crippled menu where you can just configure a few things, but definetly not everything this switch is capable of.
OK, I activated SSH, HTTPS and so on and tried to connect to the webinterface with Firefox just to find out that the SRW224g4 webgui is broken for gecko based browsers.
Reading through the above mentioned article was really helpful though, especially the comments, where someone said that hitting CTRL-Z when the menu appears gets you into an IOS shell and yes, that works. After you get to the prompt, simply type "lcli", authenticate again et voila, you're in. Damn this freaking web interface, no need for it anymore.

While I was playing around with the IOS interface I tried do a firmware upgrade in parallel using IE7 and the webinterface. After about 30 minuts of waiting for the firmware upgrade to complete, I cancelled it and tried the firmware upgrade from 1.2.1b to 1.2.2b on the CLI using the following commands:
# Save the old firmware
copy image tftp://

# Load the new firmware
copy tftp:// image

# Reboot the switch
This took about 5 minutes (including backup and reboot) and after reboot the switch was working fine with 1.2.2b (even the ugly login prompt has changed to something more modern).

Unfortunately, the webinterface is now even broken on IE7 as it seems (can't even log in correctly), but I don't mind for now, maybe it's just IE7 or that I didn't allow the webinterface to run and install the MSXML 5.0 active X control (why the hell would a switch need to have such a control running on the client??).

Update: OK, the webinterface works when you enable the HTTP server. I do usually disable HTTP in favor of HTTPS, but I could reproducibly connect to the webserver when HTTP is turned on (in IE7, Firefox is still broken) but I can _NOT_ connect when HTTP is off.

I tend to believe that the people who get fired at Cisco are picked up by Linksys. Good ideas sometimes, good prices, mostly good quality and functionality, but such annoyances might have been the reason why they got fired at Cisco.
Comments added earlier to http://tuxx-home.at/archives/2008/08/13/T11_18_15/index.html:
Guest on 2009-08-03 18:23:40 wrote:
Hello, i have been a customer of linksys products since the wrt54g (and now 'l') routers, however i was dissapointed with current firmware implementations on swithes, so i am thinking about search for alternatives, what do you think about the allied telesis swithces ?

or have you found somethink similar in price / functionality on the markets using another provider ?


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