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08.08.2008 22:05

About online communities

You know what's going on in online communities. You join them, you want to be part of something really cool, you post a lot there, you try to help/contribute/troll/whatever and then you leave again because there's something that you don't like or that doesn't get you further (in my case, it's mostly stupid people around there in these so-called communities without any kind of social skills).

Some weeks ago I was searching for the answer to a really tough driver problem on Vista (it finally turned out to be a hardware issue) and again stumbled upon http://www.experts-exchange.com (you know, that's always the first search result in Google with exactly the same question that you have and you can't see the answer without paying for it).

I was --||-- <- this far away from registering an account with them until I read the FAQ and Terms of Use there just to find out that you can get full premium access for free (ok, for zero money but not for doing nothing).

Sign up as expert, answer some questions, get good grades on your answers and once you earned 10,000 points (about 5 perfectly answered questions), you're part of the community (To keep your status, earn 3,000 points each month with a one month grace period).

OK, I signed up and started answering posts (to be able to finally see the answer to the question I was looking for). 3 days later, when I felt the need for a glass of water and my blatter was so full that I was hardly able to get to the toilet in time, I earned a few ten-thousand points already and was climbing up the top 10 ranks in all my favourite zones. I forgot about my original question and was heading for the free T-shirt you get when you earn your first certificate (50,000 points in a single zone).
About two weeks later, the T-shirt was on the way and another two weeks later I held it in my hands.

EE is not really a community if you're just answering or asking questions and don't talk to the others, but if you do, you'll find real experts in all major tech zones and you'll definetly find answers to most of your tech-related questions, so I can really only recommend this platform. The next really good thing is that you try to answer questions as fast as possible because someone else could "steal" _YOUR_ points and so you can really test your knowledge or fast-solving skills. The few weeks I'm now part of this community I learned loads of stuff I didn't know before just by trying to help other people (of course, I've never asked a question by now, I'm much too proud to ask for help...).

But that's not all, the probably greatest benefit from having joined EE by now is that I did already (and will continue to) earn quite a nice amount of €€ because people asked me to help them with other projects and wanted to pay for this help :)

Oh, and of course, here's my cert:
Experts Exchange Linux Master Certificate
Comments added earlier to http://tuxx-home.at/archives/2008/08/08/T22_05_26/index.html:
Guest on 2008-11-15 16:44:14 wrote:
Ever tried the cached result in Google? You'd be surprised when scrolling all the way down ;)

If this wasn't the case, how else would Google rank the EE pages so high?
Alexander Griesser on 2008-11-17 10:13:12 wrote:
Hah, that's great, I didn't think about that... Can't believe that this works :)

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