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08.08.2008 21:07

New VPN client versions available for download

You can now download the latest and greatest Cisco VPN clients from http://projects.tuxx-home.at.

I did update all of them yesterday and the AnyConnect client will follow soon.
The latest linux client (4.8.02) seems to work good enough with linux kernel 2.6.26+ (although I haven't tested it on my own, but I read some user comments about it on http://forum.tuxx-home.at.
Comments added earlier to http://tuxx-home.at/archives/2008/08/08/T21_07_30/index.html:
Guest on 2009-04-03 19:47:01 wrote:
Hi Alex:

Thanks very much for keeping up on the patches. They worked great with Ubuntu 9.04beta (jaunty jackalope). I fixed some minor issues, and I have been able to compile and run them on Fedora Core 10 64-bit. The patch file is here:


Guest on 2009-07-17 18:01:00 wrote:

I'm not able to get the patch :( Would be possible to have it available again? I'm suffering a lot trying to install the VPN client on my fedora 10 64 bits.

thanks in advance and congratulations for your job with the patch.


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