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08.08.2008 20:59

My first (real) Bootcamp installation

A few months of no updates in here, but that'll change now :) I'm going to write down what really bugged me the last few weeks - at least the stuff I can still remember.

Yesterday I had to do my first (real) bootcamp installation.
Of course as always I didn't read the documentation and I thought it would be more complicated then it actually was.
I guess my biggest mistake was that I assumed that this whole Bootcamp stuff is really cool (well, it has to, hey, it's from Apple!!11).
After starting the bootcamp wizard I created a windows partition and afterwards I put in the Windows CD. After reboot, it started to install everything and when it first prompted me for the destination partition during Windows setup, I realized that bootcamp does not what I expected from it (I thought it would create a pre-defined answer file for the windows installation and does everything automatically).
OK, I then recognized that the partition bootcamp created was FAT32 (!!), hey, that's not really the best platform to run XP on it. At this point in time I wasn't fully convinced that Bootcamp is crap, so I thought "There must be some really important and cool files on the pre-created FAT32 volume" but I still wanted to use NTFS for my windows installation. So I decided to convert the existing volume in the XP installer. Bad idea. After reboot, I got a "No media found" prompt when the system tried to boot from the disk.

I somewhere read that Bootcamp 1.3 was only FAT32, but I had 2.1 installed, so I opted for more. I did a complete reset on this mess and started over just to find out that even leaving the FAT32 partition in place (I wanted to convert it later on) didn't work. Still: "No media found".
OK, so there's definetly something wrong with the bootrecord on this partition and Bootcamp is just an Apple Wizard for "Create a partition and label it Bootcamp" but as you can't label a partition, you need to create a filesystem on top of it and as MacOSX still isn't able to handle NTFS properly out of the box, it created a FAT32 disk (don't know what it would have done when I would have increased the partition size beyond Windows' FAT32 limit).
To keep things short: What finally worked was to let the Windows installer reformat the already created partition with NTFS so that the bootrecord gets created properly.
To make this partition "visible" to MacOSX I had to manually label it "BOOTCAMP" and that's all it took to make this work.
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