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15.03.2008 11:14

Getting my Hackintosh ready for duty

Alright, it seems as if the basic software I need for my daily business is well supported on OSX. Today I installed the latest (to me) available version of the Cisco VPN client for MacOSX (which is vpnclient-darin- as well as the latest available Citrix ICA Client for OSX. Both pieces of software work as expected, establishing a connection with the VPN client on OSX is a lot faster than on Windows XP or Vista but I'm not very surprised by this because after all, we're on a *nix system here, so well, it seems as if OSX is ready for my daily business. I haven't tried the remote desktop client so far because I don't know where I can invoke it (it's all a bit different in here...) but if that thing works too, I think I could get familiar with this OS.
I still don't know what software I need to have installed on this OS, e.g. antivirus software, spyware stuff, etc. but I'll keep on searching. So if you know a software I should definetly try, please drop me a line here.
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Guest on 2008-03-18 13:55:34 wrote:
Hi Alex,

microsoft office of osx ;-) no fun away, i think thunderbird and firefox are the 3rd and 4th most important programs.

Michael W.
Alexander Griesser on 2008-03-18 16:22:52 wrote:
Well I installed OpenOffice 2.3, Thunderbird and Firefox by now. I will summarize all installed software in the next blog entry along with my experiences while installing the software, but thanks for the hints :)
Guest on 2008-03-31 19:12:06 wrote:
Hi Alex!<BR />If you want to use "apt" in OS X then look this site:<BR />http://www.finkproject.org/<BR />But you can also use "emerge" for installing packages. ;)<BR />greets Thorsten
Alexander Griesser on 2008-03-31 21:09:32 wrote:
Thanks for this hint, sounds promising. Will give that a try tomorrow and if it works as expected, I think I'll sponsor a mirror server for them.

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