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15.03.2008 10:00

New official Matrox Parhelia drivers release (1.4.6)

Everyday I browse the Matrox driver listing on their website to check for official driver updates. I did so yesterday and the day before too, but there were no newer drivers for Linux available.
So it seems that I definetly need some looking glasses, because today I found the long promised 1.4.6 version of the MTX driver with a release date of "Mar. 12, 2008" on their site.
Anyhow, feel free to give this driver a try (you'll find the download links below) and report success or failure in my forum please until I'm able to give them a try.
Out of the release note I can see some interesting new things and features I definetly need to investigate on Monday:
  • Support for the new P690 cards!
  • Includes a beta Matroxconfig (GUI!) tool
  • QHI (Quad Head Independent) support!
  • A strongly rewritten documentation that looks quite well at the first glance
  • A new X Server extension (MTXCFG) for the Matroxconfig tool
  • Pseudo-Xinerama support!
  • They clarified in the release notes that XGL/AIGLX as well as RandR is not supported by the driver

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