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03.01.2007 15:12

New MGA driver (v4.4.2) fixing the DRI locking issue

Today I want to release the new unofficial mga driver v4.4.2 which basically fixes the DRI locking issue experienced by many users out there.

* Added support for Xorg (SuSE 10.2) * Force the installer to run with /bin/bash (fixes issues with Ubuntu users having /bin/dash as default shell) * Applied the DRI locking fix * Applied the pseudofb fix * Cleaned up the installer a little bit


If you're experiencing troubles with this release, please visit the Unofficial Matrox Technical Support Forum and drop me a note there.
Comments added earlier to http://tuxx-home.at/archives/2007/01/03/T15_12_34/index.html:
Guest on 2007-02-25 06:20:20 wrote:
Hi there!
thanks a lot for that release. I'm a total newbie to Linux and I installed Xubuntu 6.10 alternate CD on my system but the mga drivers of the cd lead to a screen signal my monitor interpreted as "out of range" after changing to vesa driver through reconfiguration and a long research throug the net I found those drivers! They definitly should be embededd in next release to protect people from the frustration I experienced by my first linux contact ;-)
Thanks for that great piece of work!
Alexander Griesser on 2007-02-25 23:20:52 wrote:
Thank you for your comment.

Well, they won't include this driver as they also do not
include Matrox' official driver. The reason for this simply
is, that the Matrox driver isn't completely open source
and that the vital part of this driver (the mga_hal library)
may not be repackaged and redistributed.

Unfortunately, the xorg mga driver - the one you get
when you install ubuntu - has dropped the support for
the mga_hal library completely in one of the latest
releases. Before this, it was possible to use the
xorg mga driver and simply download the mga_hal
from Matrox and you're done, but now it's a little
bit more complicated.

As you already said, this basically comes down to
frustrating new users, but that's not a fault of
Ubuntu or any other distribution, but of politics.
Guest on 2007-03-04 13:11:18 wrote:
Hi there. Thanks for fixing the DRI locking issue.
Could you provide a release supporting Xorg 7.2.x?
Alexander Griesser on 2007-03-05 08:01:45 wrote:
As mentioned above, mga_hal will need to be recompiled by Matrox to support Xorg 7.2.x without the ignoreABI workaround, so there's nothing
I can do about that.
Guest on 2007-03-20 19:33:32 wrote:
How do we download the drivers? When I click on the download url, it just opens the .run file in a text editor or something?

Keep up the great work. We are very upset about the closure of the unofficial forum, but keep going anyway.


Alexander Griesser on 2007-03-21 10:13:16 wrote:
Right click on the link and use the "Save Link As..." Context menu entry
of your browser.
Alexander Griesser on 2007-03-21 10:14:24 wrote:
Ah, BTW: The "UN"official forum has not been closed, so there's no need
to be upset about this :) The official forum has been closed, but I think
you meant that anyway.
Guest on 2007-03-21 19:47:49 wrote:
Sorry my bad. I meant the official forum - my concern is that I suppose there is no longer any access to the previous content (i.e. no archive??) . You and others had some brilliant advice there. When you say the UNoffical forum is still available, do you mean here, or some place else!

Guest on 2007-03-21 19:49:58 wrote:
Wow silly me. I found the link in your pages DUH!! My point about the loss of valuable material in the offical forum still stands...

Alexander Griesser on 2007-03-21 22:33:04 wrote:
Oh, you didn't know about the unofficial forum? :)

I definetly should do some advertising on this...
As to the "loss of knowledge" by the demised official

Fact is, that most of the really valuable content came
from me and this knowledge has been ported to the
new unofficial forum in person, so currently, we are
building up the knowledge base. Everything that isn't
already covered gets asked in new topics and will
get answered - to the maximum extent that is possible
to me.

So, of course closing a forum instead of setting it
read-only is _VERY_ bad, but that's Matrox.
Guest on 2007-05-23 09:46:56 wrote:
The bash script above does not run on FreeBSD.

Could you repackage the driver and just deliver a plain tar ball?

Thanks a lot!
Alexander Griesser on 2007-05-23 10:25:31 wrote:
Done. You can find the plain tar.gz files here:


JFYI: The installer scripts are makeself scripts, so it is very easy to get
the tar.gz file out of them. Simply open them with your favourite text editor,
scroll down to the line that looks like binary data (currently, it's about line
377). Delete all that doesn't look like binary data, e.g. the first 377 lines
and save this file. Now it is a .tar.gz file, simply rename it to something.tar.gz
and you can extract it.

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