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02.01.2006 15:05


Today is my first day after two weeks of vacation and I don't feel good.

All my software seems to be hopelessly outdated and so I _HAD_ to update it (yes, it's notorious).

Now running:
I also upgraded my car (a BMW E34 520i touring) with new headlights (generously sponsored by the "Christkindl" - which is the austrian counterpart of Santa Claus).

Here are some "before-after" pictures:

Old New
Old headlights New headlights

During the hours of screwing around with the bad instructions and old oxidated screws I took some pictures, just amuse yourself:

During the assembly During the assembly
During the assembly During the assembly

But it was worth it and to get you an impression, now let there be light:

Light On! Light On!

Yes, I know, I definetly need new blinkers ;)

Many thanks to Robert Jevschenak who helped me out during the whole assembly.
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