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22.12.2005 01:02

Driving real cars, virtually - Part 2

I'm #4 on the blacklist. The races and milestones are getting much harder to accomplish but on the other hand, the cars are getting nicer too :)

My newest toy is the Lamborghini Murciélago, check out the gallery of this beautiful car.

My garage now looks like this (click on the car to see its complete gallery):
NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot

I hope this game is over soon, as I have no motivation to do anything else on my evenings than tuning my italian sports cars ;)
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Zuriel on 2006-08-18 17:35:48 wrote:
I'm right there with you @ #5 on the blacklist. I have there cars in this game:(1) Aston Matin DB9,(2) Corvette c6 and 3, an Eclipse. My fastest car is the Vette and since its pretty heavy, breakin through the roadblocks is easy. In the entire game I've only been busted 4 times and all 4 were because of the spikestrips. I have also finally gotten Cross to start chasin me. NFSMW ROCKS!!!!!!
Guest on 2007-05-10 01:20:53 wrote:
they all suk

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