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17.12.2005 09:14

Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

New pictures in the NFSMW-AudiA4 Gallery available!

Yesterday I managed to beat blacklist #12 which means that I'm now up to #11. The further I get, the funnier it is. Yesterday I destroyed my first light-SUVs ;) and it's going to be much more fun later on I guess.

On the way home at the train I tried to pimp my A4 to make a BMW M3 GTR out of it - well, that didn't work out, but the results are funny:

NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot

Check out the new pictures in the NFSMW Audi A4 gallery.
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Guest on 2009-06-05 13:37:40 wrote:
thats freakin wierd

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