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14.12.2009 10:30

Captain, we need more storage space!

Running performance tests on Microsoft Cluster Servers is pretty funny sometimes, especially when you're about to do storage performance testing. Some of the tools (like SIO) require you to create a big file on a provisioned LUN which these tools will then use to run their writes and reads on. On unixoide operating systems, this is pretty easy to accomplish, thanks to "dd", Windows doesn't have that out of the box as to my knowledge, so what I tried to do then is to zip compress one of the 5g dd files from one of my linux machines and copy it to the windows machine to extract it there. Oddly enough, the 5g zero-padded file was compressed to 5MB (zip sucks, _I_ would have compressed that much better). Anyhow, I copied the zip file to the windows server then and tried to extract it there. I ended up copying the 5g file without compressing it first.

We definitely need more space on our storage...