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13.10.2008 14:01

New Matrox Parhelia Driver (mtx) for Linux 2.6.26/2.6.27

After far too long of a bringup, I finally upgraded my desktop system at work to 2.6.27 and for that to work, I had to upgrade the mtx driver too, so, here it is (the list of changes):
  * Please note: This is a quick-and-dirty fix just to get this driver to
    compile on newer kernels and to fix the most annoying bugs.
  * Added support for Linux kernel 2.6.26 and 2.6.27
  * Fixed a compiler warning in mtx_drv.h
  * Fixed an issue where having more than 3GB of RAM on a 64bit system crashed
    the driver (solution inspired by Matrox)
  * Fixed the installer script to properly install the latest driver on newer
    X.Org X Servers instead of the oldest one

As stated above, this is just a q'n'd release, I hope I'll have some time soon to fix the page_fault interface and whatever else has changed since 2.6.26.