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17.04.2008 14:43

And the oscar for the most stupid software on my desktop system goes to...

Standing ovations for this piece of software which got installed sometime back in the past during an `apt-get upgrade` run automatically (don't remember when that was). I was facing problems for months now with the Citrix ICA Client on my system as that it is unable to connect to our Citrix Farm.
When I first start `wfcmgr` or `wfica`, it tries to connect to the correct IP address of our Citrix Proxy but then, after running into a timeout, it tries to connect to "". WTF?, I thought, and checked /etc/hosts, the DNS server, etc. for typos. I did even check the whois database to see what I'm trying to connect to. None of these approaches revealed a misconfiguration on my system and so I gave `strace` a shot last week to maybe find out more about where this strange IP address comes from.
Et voila, immediately before trying to connect to this IP address, the Citrix ICA client connects to the avahi-daemon socket (or whatever that is) and this query for the IP address of our ICA proxy returned the above mentioned IP address.

Great. I fixed this problem now. Want to know how?

apt-get --purge remove avahi-daemon