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17.04.2008 14:33

2.6.25 - the next big problem on my todo list

Today I downloaded 2.6.25 and installed it on my desktop system for testing purposes. Nearly _ALL_ third party kernel modules fail to build, including the Matrox Parhelia driver (mtx.ko), some VMware modules, etc.
The only module that works out of the box is Cisco's cisco_ipsec.ko (surprise, surprise...).

With 2.6.25, some symbols got unexported because they're unused inside the kernel, like "init_mm" and "cpu_callout_map".
cpu_callout_map may be fixed easily in mtx.ko, init_mm fixes seem to be much more difficult.
For the time being, I now run a somewhat crippled version of mtx.ko on my system (no hardware acceleration), but I at least got it to load by now, so expect any usable results for all main third-party modules in the next few days.