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22.04.2008 15:43

New domain, feeding Google

Yesterday I registered a new domain for me. In the future, I want to draw a thicker line between personal and business content I'm providing on my server here, so everything that's linux related, as well as the support forum, the projects, etc. will stay on the "old" domain, all new business related stuff will go to agits.at.

agits.at will be available in german language only, I think, as all of my customers speak German. This domain will be my new platform to provide information about what I'm doing , what I can do for you(r company), how much I charge for these services, etc.
If you're interested, feel free to look around. At the date of this writing, there's no content yet but that'll change soon.


22.04.2008 15:34

Updating VMware Server Tools 1.0.5-80187 to compile on linux kernel

Today some people in my forum reported that the VMware Tools package of VMware Server 1.0.5 doesn't compile on recent kernel versions.
I jumped into that and created the necessary patches as well as prebuilt modules to use for installation.


17.04.2008 14:43

And the oscar for the most stupid software on my desktop system goes to...

Standing ovations for this piece of software which got installed sometime back in the past during an `apt-get upgrade` run automatically (don't remember when that was). I was facing problems for months now with the Citrix ICA Client on my system as that it is unable to connect to our Citrix Farm.
When I first start `wfcmgr` or `wfica`, it tries to connect to the correct IP address of our Citrix Proxy but then, after running into a timeout, it tries to connect to "". WTF?, I thought, and checked /etc/hosts, the DNS server, etc. for typos. I did even check the whois database to see what I'm trying to connect to. None of these approaches revealed a misconfiguration on my system and so I gave `strace` a shot last week to maybe find out more about where this strange IP address comes from.
Et voila, immediately before trying to connect to this IP address, the Citrix ICA client connects to the avahi-daemon socket (or whatever that is) and this query for the IP address of our ICA proxy returned the above mentioned IP address.

Great. I fixed this problem now. Want to know how?

apt-get --purge remove avahi-daemon

17.04.2008 14:33

2.6.25 - the next big problem on my todo list

Today I downloaded 2.6.25 and installed it on my desktop system for testing purposes. Nearly _ALL_ third party kernel modules fail to build, including the Matrox Parhelia driver (mtx.ko), some VMware modules, etc.
The only module that works out of the box is Cisco's cisco_ipsec.ko (surprise, surprise...).

With 2.6.25, some symbols got unexported because they're unused inside the kernel, like "init_mm" and "cpu_callout_map".
cpu_callout_map may be fixed easily in mtx.ko, init_mm fixes seem to be much more difficult.
For the time being, I now run a somewhat crippled version of mtx.ko on my system (no hardware acceleration), but I at least got it to load by now, so expect any usable results for all main third-party modules in the next few days.