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14.03.2008 14:22

Updating VMware Fusion Tools to compile on

As I started investigating the 30day trial of VMware Fusion on my Hackintosh I wanted to give in a linux guest VM a try and was pretty sure that the VMware Tools modules won't compile (although the tools version there is much newer than the one from the ESX server), but there were still some changes necessary.
I found out that some stuff is gcc-related, e.g. inheriting typedefs doesn't work with the gcc version in Debian stable but does work on unstable, so VMware Tools on Linux 2.6.24 currently use stuff like:
typedef unsigned long uintptr_t;   /* Inside <linux/types.h> */

typedef uintptr_t VA;              /* Inside vm_default_types.h */
This fails on older gcc versions and you need to apply a small workaround like
typedef unsigned long VA;          /* Inside vm_default_types.h */
for this to work (uintptr_t is always unsigned long in 2.6.24, no matter what (x86)-architecture it's running on.
With the latest gcc version you don't need this workaround so I assume that you have a quite recent gcc version installed on your system when downloading my patches to VMware Tools. If you don't and you get errors regarding the issue mentioned above, go fix it your own or bug me as long as I'll provide two versions of my patchsets ;)

Currently I don't have time to elaborate a lot about how to install these patches, etc. as the installation instruction for VMware Fusion Tools is (of course) the same as with any other VMware virtualization product as the installation of the tools happens inside your guest and that feeling doesn't change that much fortunately.

So, for installation instructions, please go to my projects page.

I haven't updated this page by now (maybe the time you'll read this it already happened), so for the download links, please check the webserver directory. You'll find the diffs and prepared tarballs suitable for installation there.
Oh, well, I nearly forgot to feed Google: Install VMware Tools on Linux guest running kernel 2.6.24 or newer on VMware Fusion 1.1.1 (72241).