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13.03.2008 15:41


Today I did some further testing with my OSX installation. I now know how to input '<' and '>' (simply press the key labeled with '^' on your keyboard to get the '<', '' for getting the '>'. But more than this, I tried to install some software on top of this system.
Firstly, I wanted to give the 30-day trial of VMware Fusion a try. Installation went smoothly, application looks really nice (really maccy, though, but I got used to it quickly) but when I tried to import a virtual machine copied over from our ESX servers that didn't work. I haven't tried VMware workstation or Server by now, but I think that this won't work either as Fusion seems to have a different file format (let alone the extension which is .vmwarevm).
Exporting one of my VMs as virtual appliance did somehow not work on our ESX setup, but I can try this later on.
No problem, such a virtual machine is created in just a few seconds, I thought. Not having an installation CD at hand isn't a big problem as I'm able to install most operating systems here via our TFTP server, _BUT_: I need to press CTRL-ALT to activate the PXE menu and guess what? Right, VMware releases the input grab if you hit CTRL-ALT.
OK, I know this problem from the Windows versions of this software and clicked through all available buttons and configuration items looking for a place to change the keystroke for input release. Unfortunately, I haven't found it by now but I guess that's not my fault.
VMware Fusion smells like it would love to assist me in any possible way to get my virtualization thinggie done, f.ex. after having created a virtual machine you can't just power it on if you don't have a CD image or physical CD by hand. You need to say "No, thanks, I don't want to boot this VM right now", go into the settings, disconnect the CD-drive (now don't think that this will work, because the radio button down there is still on "use no CD-image" and although you disconnected the CD at all, Fusion complains about an invalid setting... grml) and boot the VM.

The next thing I tried to install was the A1 Mobile Connect Software for MacOSX which works a treat without any further hickups. More to come, tomorrow I'd like to install the Cisco VPN client as well as some other work-related software for testing purposes. I'll keep you updated :)