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03.01.2008 09:57

New support forum online

Since yesterday, I created a new support forum to support all my projects at one place.

This new forum also contains the contents of the former Unofficial Matrox Technical Support Forum. This change was necessary to be able to provide help to my other projects too.
There will be much more to come in the future, but for the moment, I'm quite satisfied with the new forum. BTW: I did an upgrade to phpBB 3.0 at the same time and was very astonished about how good the converter worked. The only thing that it didn't convert was the in-forum links (e.g. links to matrox.tuxx-home.at), but to be honest, it isn't supposed to do this.
Will add a mod_rewrite rule to ease the transition to the new domain soon.

Dear Matrox forum users, please update your bookmarks: