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23.10.2007 10:41

New Unofficial Matrox Parhelia Linux driver (v1.4.5.2) supports Kernel 2.6.23+

Unofficial Matrox Parhelia drivers This is the second unofficial mtx driver release based upon the new official 1.4.5 core. It contains only compatibility changes to compile on 2.6.23+ and some small changes to remove compile warnings (see ChangeLog below).

Please consider donating if you use this driver

  * Added compatibility support for kernel versions >= 2.6.23
  * mtxversion.h:
    - Increased unofficial version number
  * mtx_agp.c:
    - Removed a warning of an unused variable on recent kernel versions
  * mtx_drv.c:
    - Replaced pci_find_slot() with pci_get_bus_and_slot() for recent
      kernel versions
    - The return type of unregister_chrdev() has changed in 2.6.23
    - Removed another warning of an unused variable