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19.08.2007 22:23

Spam, spam, spam...

Due to the increasing number of spam and "Mail delivery notices" I received in the last few weeks, I had to make the final step to stop this large amount of UCE in my inbox.
The UCEs itself aren't hurting me, Thunderbird is protecting my inbox, _BUT_ you can't prevent spammers from using one of your valid e-mail addresses for their evil purposes. The downside of this is, that you get tons of "Mail delivery failed", etc. messages to your inbox you can't block out with your spamfilter because sometimes you're interested in such messages.

Therefore I made the final step to remove all unnecessary e-mail addresses from my mailserver and left a few of them online (which I of course, won't post here in cleartext). To be sure, send me mail to one of the two addresses on the right side of this blog in the imprint section. I'll definetly try to remove all other prefixes in the next few weeks once I changed all mentions and occurences of them.

Thanks for your understanding.