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16.02.2007 09:03

Need to get more sleep - Another bugfix release for the Parhelia driver (v1.4.4.8)

Unofficial Matrox Parhelia drivers I definetly need to get more sleep, was buggy too, according to this posting in the Unofficial Matrox Technical Support Forum. I don't know how I felt this change was correct, but it was simply wrong. I reversed in code what I had in mind and usually this makes it working, but this time my mind was right ;)


  * Unfortunately, I broke for kernel versions before 2.6.18 with
    the change from SA_SHIRQ to IRQF_SHARED (as mentioned in
    Fixed that now, should work again.
  * Added some descriptive text to the V4L installer routine when the driver
    doesn't get installed because it's already installed to better separate
    the outputs from X driver installation and V4L driver installation