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10.02.2007 13:56

Version of the Unofficial Matrox Parhelia Driver available

Unofficial Matrox Parhelia drivers I have to admit, that my Change Management (according to ITIL) was not the best for The installer script contained typos :-/

Therefore I took the opportunity to add some additional changes to and am coming up with now for you. I always wanted to implement an additional function to install.sh, that does automatically install the already available v4l driver for the Matrox cards and now it's done.
Additionally, I finally wrote up a ChangeLog file with all previous changes to the driver and added it to the docs directory.

  * As has undergone my perfect change management, it was broken :-/
  * Fixed a typo in an awk call in install.sh
  * Added the installation of the v4l driver to install.sh
  * Modified mtxversion.h and mtx_drv.c to show the real unofficial version
    of the mtx driver in dmesg
  * Renamed the v4l subdirectories from "M_N_O" to "M.N.O" just like the
    xserver subdirectories
  * Created and added this ChangeLog file to the docs directory