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02.02.2007 14:18

E17 CVS Updater v0.8

Enlightenment After fiddling around more than usual the last few days with my Enlightenment DR17 installation, I ran into troubles with the latest E17 CVS Updater since some modules got moved to a different directoy in CVS and some others haven't been included by now to the updater, etc.

You know, I never coded python before, so please don't laugh at me if things aren't that beautiful in the sourcecode. Additionally, I didn't know what to do with the QT designer source code files around there at first and started to implement my changes by hand to the .py file which definetly broke the QT designer sources and therefore I removed them for this release :)

My efforts can be downloaded here, of course, and here's the Changelog for all of you that are interested in giving it a try. I would be happy if some of you provide some feedback via the comments system here, so that I know if I did something badly wrong or if there are other modules that should be added to this updater.
Changes in 0.8 (2nd, February, 2007), ag:
    + Moved exhibit, etk and enhance away from proto (as in current CVS)
    + Added elation, emphasis, enity, enscribe, estickies, express, iconbar, med, edvi, empower, enterminus and epdf
    + Added new Author information and did some resizing on the mainwindow dialog
    + Removed a typo for the enhance checkbox
    + Added AUTHORS file
    + Added LICENSE file
    + Updated README file