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29.01.2007 12:36

Supporting Enlightenment DR17

http://www0.get-e.org/donate I'm using Enlightenment now since about 4 or 5 years (don't remember exactly) and was always very fond of it. I started with DR16 and it basically simply did what it should: Being a lightweight, hot and shiny window manager without too much overhead.

As time went by, I once found an entry on the enlightenment website about the successor of DR16, nameley DR17. After struggling around with how to get the most current CVS snapshot on my system, I was excited after it was finally set up. Enlightenment is one of those projects, I would pay for without any further thought but as with most open source software, one first doesn't think about donating (free as in "free beer"). So, shame on me.

Finally, when I read about the need for donations on the e-devel mailing list, I was reminded and of course donated for this great piece of software.
The exact reasons about why your donation is really needed can be found in the link below. I just want to ask you to help supporting this great project if you are using it yourself (even smallest donations are greatly appreciated!).


04.01.2007 15:00

Alphattack - or why it really is useful to be a fast typer

Today I spent my lunch break on playing Alphattack, a game I first found this summer and was quite some time very fond of playing it.
Now I gave it another try and as this game is really so much fun, I want to recommend it to you all out there who think that you are typing fast enough.

As additional bonus, I want to give you all the passwords for every stage.
Have Fun! :)

BTW: This game is also downloadable as windows executable on the above mentioned link and runs perfectly with wine.

  Stage | Password | Name
     1  |  51,382  | The First Wave
     2  |  64,270  | Quiet Suburbia
     3  |  43,464  | Apartment Complex
     4  |  40,706  | Bonus: New York
     5  |  92,165  | Terrace Houses
     6  |  50,666  | Zeppelin Park
     7  |  68,292  | Chompton Creek
     8  |  78,214  | Bonus: London
     9  |  77,604  | High Rise Numba
    10  |  87,929  | Death Saucer Hill
    11  |  95,283  | The Long Wave
    12  |  81,622  | Business District
    13  |  15,554  | Bonus: Sydney
    14  |  52,287  | Rotators Forest
    15  |  62,936  | Alpine Invasion
    16  |  78,352  | Russian Roulette
    17  |  15,193  | Landing Field
    18  |  87,775  | Mixed Storm

03.01.2007 15:12

New MGA driver (v4.4.2) fixing the DRI locking issue

Today I want to release the new unofficial mga driver v4.4.2 which basically fixes the DRI locking issue experienced by many users out there.

* Added support for Xorg (SuSE 10.2) * Force the installer to run with /bin/bash (fixes issues with Ubuntu users having /bin/dash as default shell) * Applied the DRI locking fix * Applied the pseudofb fix * Cleaned up the installer a little bit


If you're experiencing troubles with this release, please visit the Unofficial Matrox Technical Support Forum and drop me a note there.

02.01.2007 12:38

Updated the comment system

Today I found some time to make updates to the comment system on this weblog. I upgraded to the latest nbcom version and modified the source a lot to fit my needs - basically. I'm not very satisfied with it by now, but it should at least do the desired task more properly than the previous version.

Anonymous commenting with some basic captcha stuff is now also available.

I don't really know, why I still stick with nanoblogger and nbcom as both projects don't seem to be supported anymore and when thinking about the pile of work still todo, I'm asking myself if fixing my blogging-engine really is that important instead using something more sophisticated...

01.01.2007 12:30

New year, new forum

As promised, after the holidays I started the new Unofficial Matrox Technical Support Forum which can be found here: http://matrox.tuxx-home.at.

I hope that it will suit our needs in the future and that we will be able to be more productive with the new forum software as it is maintained by me and not by Matrox itself ;)

I'll see if I can manage to get a link to this forum on the Matrox website, but until this is done, I need you to tell all people out there that this forum is the successor of the Matrox Technical support forum that has been taken down for some unknown reasons. So, please advertise this forum so that all people looking for help are able to find it quickly :)

Have Fun!