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07.12.2006 09:36

Cisco VPN Client and Linux Kernel 2.6.19

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This article is _OUTDATED_. You can find an updated version of the patch below in the Links section.
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Yesterday I upgraded my system to Linux kernel 2.6.19 and tried to recompile the "cisco_ipsec" kernel module, but failed.

There were some changes in 2.6.19 that prevented it from compiling cleanly. One of these changes was known to me from my work at the Matrox Parhelia drivers, the other one was due to an argument number change in skb_checksum_help.

I used the latest - to me - available Cisco VPN Client version for linux, which is vpnclient-linux- and represents the 32bit version of the driver. I don't really know, if the following patch will work for the 64bit version too, so if someone tried it out, please tell me.
I wrote a small patch that makes it usable again on 2.6.19 and can be downloaded below.

Due to popular demand, I added the following information on how to apply the patch to your VPN client installation:
1. Untar the VPN Client
# tar xzf vpnclient-linux-

2. Download the patch
# wget -q http://tuxx-home.at/projects/cisco-vpnclient/vpnclient-linux-2.6.19.diff

3. Change to the vpnclient diretory
# cd vpnclient

4. Apply the patch
# patch <../vpnclient-linux-2.6.19.diff
patching file IPSecDrvOS_linux.c
patching file frag.c
patching file interceptor.c
patching file linuxcniapi.c

Now the patch has been applied and you can safely install the client



============================== ATTENTION ==============================
This article is _OUTDATED_. You can find an updated version of the patch above in the Links section.
============================== ATTENTION ==============================