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20.10.2006 10:55

Me became a Fonero

Yesterday I ordered a La Fonera and signed up to be a part of the Fon community.

In about two or three weeks, my La Fonera will arrive and I'll have a look if its functionality does fit my needs. The key features are:
  • Linksys Accesspoint for free (at the moment, so act quickly!)
  • 2 SSIDs configured (one open for all, one for private use)
  • Full traffic shaping management and full control about the amount of traffic that you provide for other Foneros
  • Open Source Firmware
  • Firmware updates on a regular basis
  • ...

In two to three weeks I will know more details about this whole topic.

If you are interested in this idea, come and join us and put your flag on the fon maps.
La Fonera