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15.07.2006 12:34

New _OFFICIAL_ Matrox Parhelia drivers

I'm proud to announce the new _OFFICIAL_ (yes, not unofficial) Matrox Parhelia drivers, version 1.4.4. This new drivers add support for the new EPICA cards, 64bit support (finally) and incorporates most of my changes to the previous 1.4.3 release + new OpenGL libraries, new Xorg drivers and several bugfixes and improvements. There are also new documentation files included in the archive and the installer works out of the box without syntax errors ;)
There's also a new BIOS version for Linux available.

The new readme's are really great and should clear up all questions, not like the ones before...

As ever with new official driver releases I diff'd the sourcecode with my latest unofficial release and to my surprise, my changes got honoured. I'm in the ChangeLog and all my comments and modifications have been incorporated into the new official Matrox driver release.

Thank you Matrox, for your new attitude towards the Linux community and for your right decision to support and respect the efforts of the Linux community.