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24.07.2006 22:59

1337 programming by Matrox (Part 1)

Currently I'm rewriting the whole install script for the Parhelia drivers and while looking at the sourcecode, I found a very nice code snippet by some 1337 hacker @Matrox, here we go:

# parse data
DATA=`ldd confapp.bin`
let LENGTH-=14
for ((LOOP=1; LOOP <= LENGTH; LOOP++))
    if [ "$VALUE" == "libstdc++.so.6" ]; then

What is this code supposed to do?
Let me help you: It evaluates the `ldd` output of a previously compiled binary to see wheter the system links to libstdc++.so.6 or any previous version by starting at the first byte and looking for the 14 bytes long string "libstdc++.so.6" from this position on until the end of data (-14, of course, the length of the string "libstdc++.so.6".

How can I help making life easier? Well, let's try this one:

if ldd $CONFAPP_BIN | grep -q libstdc++\.so\.6; then

To be continued...

19.07.2006 22:55

Feeding Google

Today I launched two new websites and as always, I use this way of feeding google with the new URLs.
And here they are: http://www.service2000.at and http://www.bestattungsversicherer.at.

http://www.service2000.at  http://www.bestattungsversicherer.at

19.07.2006 19:23

Supporting Xorg 7.1.1 with the new unofficial mtx driver

Two unofficial releases on one day, that's my new record :)
But again, I read a topic where someone had problems getting this driver working with Xorg 7.1.1.
Well, here's the update in form of a new subrelease now.

  * Added support for Xorg 7.1.1
  * Modified the installer's target directory again. Previously it was matroxdriver-$VERSION,
    but during the work with the two different architectures it was not easy for me to tell
    what directory I had currently extracted in /root/matroxdriver-, so I added $ARCH
    to the name of the directory for easier reference.


19.07.2006 09:49

Unofficial update to the latest 1.4.4 mtx driver release

According to a posting in the Matrox General Linux Forums there's a cosmetic issue with the new official 1.4.4 mtxdriver release.
A status message is being printed during AGP initialization but instead of using MTX_INFO for printing a status message, MTX_ERROR is used which is a little bit confusing for most of the users.

Besides this little change I also repaired the installer file (as always) so that it extracts into the correct directory leading me to the first unofficial driver version in the 1.4.4 branch. There's still a lot of work todo...

  * mtx_agp.c: Use MTX_INFO instead of MTX_ERROR for printing out status messages
  * Adapted the installer.run file to create the correct directory during extraction of the tarball


15.07.2006 12:34

New _OFFICIAL_ Matrox Parhelia drivers

I'm proud to announce the new _OFFICIAL_ (yes, not unofficial) Matrox Parhelia drivers, version 1.4.4. This new drivers add support for the new EPICA cards, 64bit support (finally) and incorporates most of my changes to the previous 1.4.3 release + new OpenGL libraries, new Xorg drivers and several bugfixes and improvements. There are also new documentation files included in the archive and the installer works out of the box without syntax errors ;)
There's also a new BIOS version for Linux available.

The new readme's are really great and should clear up all questions, not like the ones before...

As ever with new official driver releases I diff'd the sourcecode with my latest unofficial release and to my surprise, my changes got honoured. I'm in the ChangeLog and all my comments and modifications have been incorporated into the new official Matrox driver release.

Thank you Matrox, for your new attitude towards the Linux community and for your right decision to support and respect the efforts of the Linux community.