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14.06.2006 14:46

Update to the automatic mga_xorg7_installer (V1.1.0)

A new version of the magic mga_xorg7_installer is online. This new version adds basic support for RPM based distributions (esp. RedHat FC5) and includes some minor improvements and "bugfixes".
Here's the relevant part of the ChangeLog:
1.1.0 Featuring RPM support
      * Added basic support for RPM based distributions, especially Redhat FC5
        Many thanks to André Frick (projects@andrefrick.de) for providing the
        necessary background information on FC5
      * Some small improvements for checking for necessary binaries before
        doing the automatic package installation
      * Implemented more generalization for future updates
      * Added speed improvements by using temporary files for the output of
        the package installation programs