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04.06.2006 14:46

First update to the mga_xorg7_installer

Only in short terms, here's the update making it up from version 1.0 to 1.0.1 bugfix release.

The ChangeLog:
1.0.1   Bugfix release
        * The apt-get command redirects its output to $LOGFILE and because we
          want the user to enter y or n for the installation of packages, he
          doesn't see the question produced by apt-get -> Don't redirect the
          output of apt-get [FIXED]
        * Added additional functionality for checking the availability of
          packages before we try to install them automatically [ADDED]
        * Added a quick and dirty workaround for the Ubuntu problem mentioned
          by Hark in the General Linux Forums. Ubuntu has no installable
          package called xutils-dev, instaed it provides the package "imake"

1.0     Initial release

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