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27.03.2006 13:14

Automatically getting a list of all telephone city codes for Austria/Germany

Today I needed a list of all Citys, their ZIP-Codes and telephone city codes for Austria. Getting the ZIP-Codes wasn't that difficult, because the Austrian postal agency provides such a list for download on their website (see external links section below).

I searched quite some time on the web but didn't find anything similar for the telephone city codes, but I found a website that does have a quite recent listing of all austrian telephone city codes, so I started to write a script that downloads the information from this website.
This script should also work - after some minor modifications - to work with the german city codes part of this website, so if you are interested in it, write me an e-mail.

As this is only a q'n'd workaround I would be very grateful if anyone knows about a place where I can download a really recent list of austrian city codes.

One of the maintainers of this website asked me to put this script down to avoid unnecessary traffic to his site. As this script is nothing illegal and everyone with at least some knowledge in any scripting language is able to rebuild it, I'm putting it down to avoid bad blood.


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