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15.03.2006 17:08

Being daddy for two years now...

Today my son Justin has his second birthday. Two years. I mean: Two years!
How could it be two years now? I remember holding him the first time in my hands as if it was yesterday... The time seems to fly away once you have your own children.

But it's also time to draw up an interim balance:
  • I know "Finding Nemo" and "Lilo & Stitch" inside out
  • I now know, that a laptop is only stored securly, if it is placed at least on the top of your highest cupboard
  • I didn't realize how many different things one can build with approx. 50 Lego Duplo bricks
  • Don't buy matchbox cars that have tyres made of rubber - they'll definetely get lost once your child decides to discover the power of its teeth
  • Always double-check the inside of your shoes for Lego bricks, candies or other stuff that hurts if you step on it
  • Sliding doors without locks are very difficult to safeguard against children
  • My son is able to identify a BMW on the street faster than I am able to (also from the backside and only by seing its brake lights...)
  • Children don't get dizzy when turning around 100 times per minute but you do, believe me.
  • If you are missing lots of small things (spoons, forks, Lego bricks, matchbox cars, wrist watches or PS/2-Adapters), check the inner side of your subwoofer first before charging your girlfriend
  • Not even a Siemens ME65 cellphone (which is said to be shock resistant and water proof) will survive in the hands of your averagely "talented" child
  • Socket security installations don't work at all.
  • A DVD player doesn't work if there is more than one dvd inserted
  • There are not enough cafe's and restaurants where you can have a relaxing cup of coffee while your child can play with toys in some kind of inside playground.
  • Sugar. You learn to fear it. Children react strange on sugar.
  • Never ever leave a glass of coke or a nearly empty tin of Red Bull unattended.
  • Have copies of short Mr. Bean stories by hand and be not afraid of using them
  • Sell your alarm clock on ebay, you won't have any problems getting up in the morning early
  • ...

Of course, there are many other things I learned during the last two years, but the most important thing about having children simply is: They change your life completely and everytime they won't stop hugging you when you come home from work you forget about all other sorrows in this world.

So, let there be an end to this post:

Happy Birthday Justin, I wish you all the best and
please try not to strain your mother all the time.