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22.02.2006 13:20

imaplogin: malloc: Input/output error

Today I received lots of this error messages on one of my mailservers.
Google wasn't as helpful as usual, but after searching for a long while I found the solution and want to provide it here so that the next time googling for this issue won't take that long again.

imaplogin is part of the courier-imap(-ssl) suite so this issue may only be relevant for those who use courier to provide IMAP to your users.

After checking all parts of the courier suite, the authentication mechanism and some other stuff the problem still hasn't gone away.
The only thing that helped was restarting the FAM daemon which suddenly stopped working as it seems.

08.02.2006 16:54

New Matrox Parhelia Driver available

Today I updated my unofficial mtxdriver version from to The changelog for this version is rather short:
   new definitions since 2.6.16-rc2 to the file kernel/src/Makefile
   so that it compiles again with 2.6.16+.


06.02.2006 12:13


My brother is currently writing his first SDL based game application which is called "TheShooter".

As it is more a technical proof of concept by the moment than a full featured game don't expect too much of it, but the basic concepts of a game are already implemented.
For a detailed list of features and download instructions see the links below.
The game also works perfeclty with Linux, thanks to SDL's magic...

The Downloadpage: http://markus.tuxx-home.at/?q=2&o=7

01.02.2006 12:39


Yesterday I finished the Website http://www.rk1-team.at.

This website is used to manage the time schedules for all people involved in this project and supports messaging between registered users.

Currently, there is no real content for visitors, but that should change soon.

Some parts of the design (the transparent cockpit, etc.) are - again - sponsored by Stefan Schury, many thanks!