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05.01.2006 11:03

Update to the Matrox Parhelia Driver 1.4.3 to work with Linux kernel 2.6.15

Today I installed the Sliding Snow Leopard (better known as Linux kernel 2.6.15) on my workstation and recognized, that the current Matrox driver does not build flawlessly anymore - surprise, surprise.

This time, the patching wasn't that difficult, because there has just been one symbol removed from pci_ids.h because it was unreferenced inside the kernel tree, sigh.

I just finished an email I wrote to the - in my opinion - responsible person for this and so I hope that he will put the symbol in again for the next kernel release.

To all you folks with Parhelia Cards outside, here is the updated driver:
 * Added the definition of PCI_DEVICE_ID_AL_M1531 to mtx_drv.h if the kernel
   under which it is compiled is >= 2.6.15
 * Replaced docs/readme-1_4_3.txt with the new version from the website
 * Added docs/readme-1_4_3-advanced.txt for further installation and
   configuration notes (also from the website)