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20.12.2005 21:46

Driving real cars, virtually

I spent nearly the whole weekend playing NFS Most Wanted and the result of this long lasting work looks _really_ nice.
Only a few more blacklist riders on my way to get my BMW back from Razor and Ming was so kind to hand me out the keys for his ultimate-tuned Lamborghini Gallardo.

Driving this car is _SO_ much fun. The only problem is in the car being very light and breaking through street-barriers is much more difficult than with my german two-tons-panzer.
Therefore I'll keep both cars, the Audi for cases where I know in preface that I'll have to wreck some S.U.V.s and the Gallardo for everything else.

A new gallery is online for the Gallardo, see Links below. Also some new pictures of my Audi against lots of police cars are online in the audia4-gallery.

NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot NFS Most Wanted Screenshot


Multiplayer Issues (LAN-Games):

As we (my brother and I) had at first troubles to get NFSMW work in Multiplayer LAN mode, he wrote down some notes about how to solve this problem.

Link: NFS Most Wanted LAN games issue