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28.10.2005 13:36

Installing TrendMicro Interscan Viruswall (ISVW) on Debian Systems

Here's a short documentation of how to install TrendMicro ISVW SMB on Debian based installations:

You need to have chkconfig for Debian installed (check here for installation instructions).
The second thing you need is libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 (isinst relies on this library).

The current version of the ISVW installer (isinst) is only able to recognize postfix or sendmail as local MTA, so you need to have one of them installed (I tried to modify isinst but that would me too much work because you'll have to modify all scripts in several tgz-files to reflect the changes for the whole installation procedure, anyhow if you're still interested in this approach, click here for a diff to isinst).

After your system is prepared, start the installer and answer all the questions according to your needs and you should be fine.

Known Issues:
After installation you will get the following warnings when running ldconfig:
ldconfig: File /usr/lib/libem_shell.so.lock is too small, not checked.
ldconfig: /usr/lib/libem_shell.so is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start.

According to the knowledgebase of TrendMicro you can ignore these warnings (although I don't understand, why they put their own object-format-files into the global shared objects directory...).