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30.08.2005 22:15

Bad default value for courier-imapd on Debian systems

Today I recognized, that Debian's courier-imapd has a very ugly default value for IMAP_EMPTYTRASH (found in /etc/courier/imapd). This value maybe costs me about 10 hours of additional work to get all trash-mails back from the backups to the corresponding IMAP-folders.

The reason, why my users need there trash folder is that they "archived" their mails in the trash folder which is - of course - not usual, but why not...

So for you guys out there: Comment this setting out. Not mentioning it in the configuration file works well.

26.08.2005 16:58


A few days ago I finished a website project I worked on for about a whole month and therefore (being some kind of part of my life now ;)) I'd like to present it to you.
Although I'm not really a webdesigner, it looks quite good (special thanks to Stefan Schury for helping me with the initial design).

Logo Endometriose

26.08.2005 16:47

Online again

After being offline for nearly five days, my domain is up again. It took my provider 5 days to change the SOA and NS records of this domain to point to my new domain name servers!
I'm quite frustrated now, because I also couldn't get emails the last 5 days... Well, never mind, everything is up again and there shouldn't be problems anymore, at least I hope so...

17.08.2005 16:08


Unfortunately, I had a car accident this weekend and wracked my lovely BMW E34. Still waiting to get more information from the opponents insurance, but to be realistic, it doesn't look very good to get my car mended :(

Click here for some pictures.
BTW: I'm absolutely innocent, the other driver disobeyed a STOP sign. The unfair part of this story is, that his car is fully insured and as a matter of course gets fully repaired without any further questions. My BMW, as it is thirteen years old, apts to be uneconomic in case of a repair...

So the summary is:
  • I'm not guilty
  • I'm absolutely innocent
  • I can't help it!
  • Did I mention, that I am the victim?
  • His car gets repaired without any problems
  • My car is wrecked now and most likely does _NOT_ get repaired
Wrecked BMW 518i E34
Where's the fairness in this case?
Of course, I get some kind of money from the insurance, but according to the residual value of my car I won't be able to get more than a box of cigarettes and a cold coke for this :-/