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09.07.2005 20:53

using chkconfig in debian systems

Today I tried to install Trend Micro Interscan Virus Wall (ISVW) on a Debian System and prompt I went into some troubles. First of all, the install script of isvw (isinst) is very ugly. Next it does only support rpm-based distributions and requires the existance of chkconfig.
My first approach to detect the operating system and then use either chkconfig or Debian's way update-rc.d seemed to work fine, but the installable modules for isvw have their own install scripts which also need chkconfig and therefore the startup- and shutdown-links were not created after the installation process (I also added support to detect exim as MTA and allowed the script to find out if either inetd or xinetd is running + some other useful stuff). Patching all install scripts may be a lot of work because you never know in which tar.gz archives another install script may exist and also require chkconfig. So I decided to give chkconfig for debian a try. I found a working version here which is currently only available for Debian woody and depends on libnewt0. In Debian Sarge, libnewt0 is not available anymore, instead libnewt0.51 has to be installed.
chkconfig for debian is unfortunately linked to libnewt.so.0.50 so one has to create a symlink for that version too and that finally worked then. So the list of commands necessary to get chkconfig for Debian to work can be found here:
wget ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/skolelinux/dists/woody/local/binary-i386/non-official/chkconfig_1.2.24d-1_i386.deb
apt-get install libnewt0.51
ln -s /usr/lib/libnewt.so.0.51 /usr/lib/libnewt.so.0.50
dpkg -i chkconfig_1.2.24d-1_i386.deb
To avoid breaking your package management system you'd also have to edit "/var/lib/dpkg/status" and change "libnewt0" to "libnewt0.51" in the Depends: line for the package chkconfig.

If the version of chkconfig is ever to be removed from ftp.skolelinux.no, I mirrored it here.