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25.06.2005 01:33

Strangers in the night...

Now it's 01:16 CEST, I was having a cold beer with my brother a few hours ago and started working on my weblog again. As you may recognize, I'm trying to replace my boring old website with this weblog the next week, mostly all content is blogged by now...
But what I really wanted to tell is that an hour ago, a - at the first look - mysterious phone number showed up on my cellphone. I picked up the phone and said "Jo bitte?" (which is german and means "Yes, please?" ;) with some kind of unfriendly undertone. Hey, it's late at night, who the hell has to call me at this time???
The person on the other side started speaking english to me and my integrated dictionary immediately started up, but it was too slow to translate first 5 seconds of our conversation so I missed some unimportant information like the callers name, company, etc.

Never mind, I thought, let's check what he wants.

Unfortunately he asked me about the reason why some user account on "my"[0] webserver has created a password phishing website and has done some credit card transactions from there on.
I explained myself to him and all the useful background information, but at the moment I'm not really sure, if I can be made responsible for this... Note to myself: google that out.

That was really the last thing I needed today before going to bed. Thousands of cogitations are going through my head - Hey, I want to marry tomorrow without thinking of this!
Let's see if I can sleep, maybe a relaxing smoke helps?

ad [0]:
The server where this domain is hosted is called "motorradseiten.at" and originally was administrated by someone else. After this, it was administrated by another one else and as this person doesn't really want to do the job anymore (now I understand the reason...) and at the same time, the server hardware crashed, I took over the administration of this server. Well, by now I'm in posession of the root password for about 3 days and the first cracker bothers me - argh.