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23.02.2005 11:45

Xlib: sequence lost when starting openoffice.org

After the last debian upgrade my openoffice.org [EN] refused to start with the following error message:
tuxx@vi-edv003:~$ oowriter
Xlib: sequence lost (0x10000 > 0xe) in reply type 0x0!
I tracked that problem down by using strace [EN] and found out, that the last library, that was opened before the system wrote this message was libGL.so.1, which is part of the xlibmesa-gl package.
What helped, was to temporary relink libGL.so.1 to the library provided by xlibmesa-glu with the following commands:
cd /usr/X11R6/lib
ln -fs libGLU.so.1.3 libGL.so.1
In fact, this solution is not very beautiful, but at this time it fixes my problem and that's important.

I can't believe, that I'm the only one who has this problem but according to the Debian BTS and Dr. Google, I am. So this article is for everyone, who has the same problem - maybe even nobody... ;)

Today I really fixed this problem, and it was not related to xlibmesa-gl but to the new beta driver for my matrox graphics card. The upgrade of xlibmesa-gl revoked the changes, I made a few months ago to my OpenGL drivers and I didn't think of it at this moment. Besides, the install script of the 1.4.0 beta driver for my parhelia card does not correctly install the OpenGL-library provided for X11. I had to manually copy it to /usr/X11R6/lib and link it to libGL.so.1. Afterwards, everything worked fine, even accelerated :)