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07.01.2005 23:06

Speedstepping Patch for Pentium M 715 (Dothan)

Today I found out, that my newest toy@work (an Acer Travelmate 4001LCi) is the biggest pile of crap I ever had to work with. But at the end I'll be the winner, I promise. Like all notebooks from Acer, they don't adhere to standards. That starts with their software radio kill switches and ends up in crippled BIOS implementations. Getting Linux to work on such a notebook - even as thinclient, as I have to - is bugging me...

Never think of buying this model if you want to setup Linux on it.
  • The ACPI implementation is broken - ac_adapter and battery directories in /proc are empty
  • You _HAVE TO_ make the first boot partition active otherwise you can't boot from it
  • You are only allowed to boot from hda1
  • and many other things...

Never think of buying this model if you use 10 fingers while typing.
  • The keyboard is curved which drives me crazy everytime anew
  • There are seperate keys for the dollar and euro currencies that are - you guessed it, did you? - located exactly next to the ctrl-key and because of its groovy curvy shape you hit this useless key more often than anything else
  • Did I mention the curvy shape?

Of course, one can get used to that but do _I_ have to? No, I don't. Fortunately this notebooks are for my users out there, not for me...

I want to post one link here, because I did google for it quite a while: The patch for getting speedstep functionality on the Dothan CPU of this notebook. Here it is. Now it's 23:04 and I'm still at work struggling with this notebook... And with ZenWorks Imaging too, but that's another story.