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01.12.2004 16:00

Linux playing faxserver

Today I struggled quite a few hours with getting g3tolj to print incoming faxes properly. 99% of all faxes were printed perfectly, but there's another 1% of faxes that occupied two printed pages instead of one. So, as you could guess, this post is for everyone, who has the same problem.
RES=$(basename $FAX | sed 's/.\(.\).*/\1/')

if [ "$RES" = "n" ]; then
  STRETCH="-aspect 2.0"

g3tolj $STRETCH $FAX | lp -d $PRINTER

While trying to understand the G3-Format by reading tons of regarding documents on the web, I stumbled across this information, that mgetty already sorts out such faxes for me by renaming them to fn instead of ff... Well, it works now and that's important.